UV Lights

UV Lights: A Bright Idea for Air Purification

  • Kill Germs & Contaminants Before They Enter Your Air
  • Prevent Mold Growth & Prolong Your HVAC System
  • Choose Our Indoor Air Quality Experts for Great Service

As an HVAC team focused on customer service, we’re always looking for ways to improve your system’s performance and prolong its lifespan. We understand you want to save money and make the most of any investment you do make in your home. Ultraviolet (UV) lights installed within the air handler kill mold and bacteria in HVAC units, preventing build up on coils and ducts that can impact its function. This also saves you from breathing those contaminants, making UV lights a highly effective form of air quality control. Contact The Comfort Company today to learn more about UV lights for your HVAC system!

How Do UV Lights Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Neglected HVAC units with fungal contamination are a widespread problem that contributes to various health concerns, from building-related illnesses to infectious diseases. UV light can kill different types of harmful bacteria and mold on the surfaces of your HVAC system, sterilizing the equipment and the air that comes in contact with it.

UV lights are typically not recommended as a standalone solution to improve indoor air quality. But when combined with regular HVAC maintenance and other innovative products, UV light air sterilization can help you breathe the purest air possible at home.

UV Lights

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It’s our mission to keep you comfortable at home, and indoor air quality is a big contributor to your comfort. Let’s find the right air purification methods for your needs!

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