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Geothermal Installation: What to Expect

Ready to explore geothermal heating and cooling options for your home? When you reach out to The Comfort Company to learn more about geothermal installation, here’s what you can expect:

Step 1: Meet Your Heating & Cooling Consultant

The initial step in our process is a comprehensive assessment of your heating and cooling needs. You’ll meet with one of our geothermal system experts who will perform a Manual J Load Calculation to accurately determine your home’s HVAC system requirements.

Next, you’ll have an opportunity to discuss geothermal systems in detail with our heating and cooling expert. If you have any questions about the benefits of geothermal installation, projected cost savings with the new system, or how geothermal energy works, ask away!

Our HVAC expert will fill you in on everything you need to know about geothermal, so you can feel confident in your decision to make the switch to eco-friendly, energy-efficient heating and cooling!

Step 2: Understand Your Geothermal System Options

After discussing your geothermal questions and calculating your home’s heating and cooling needs, your consultant will give you a few options for geothermal installation. These system options reflect your home’s unique HVAC needs and the amount of space you have available for system installation. They also form the basis for appropriate equipment selection later on.

Step 3: Site Survey

Once we’ve determined your geothermal system options and you’re ready to proceed with installation, it’s time to dig a little deeper. An in-depth site survey allows us to determine the most efficient design for your geothermal system. This survey also allows us to pin down the best location for installation, appropriate system size, and the best equipment to install.

Step 4: Geothermal System Installation

We’ll install your new geothermal heating and cooling system in stages. Generally, the process takes a few days to a couple of weeks to complete.

Here’s how it works:

  • Bury the ground loop. We’ll drill into the ground outside your home to a predetermined depth and breadth that’s based on the information we gathered during your site survey. After we drill the holes, we’ll install the ground loop and bury it beneath the earth’s surface.
  • Attach the ground loop to your home. After we securely bury the ground loop, it’s time to connect the loop to your home. When everything is said and done, the ground loop will attach to the heat pump, which will both heat and cool your home.
  • Install the geothermal heat pump. We’ll install a ground-source heat pump inside your home and attach that pump to the buried ground loop. We then fill the loop with a temperature-conducting fluid solution that will begin circulating continually as soon as we turn the geothermal system on.

When all the components are in place and properly attached, it’s time to fire your new geothermal system up! From the moment your installation is complete, you’ll enjoy significant savings on your monthly energy bills and a safer, more eco-friendly heating and cooling system for decades to come.

Schedule a Geothermal Heating & Cooling Consultation

Ready to find out if geothermal heating and cooling is the right choice for your home? Reach out to our team at The Comfort Company to set up a geothermal system consultation! We specialize in household heating and cooling assessments, geothermal system design, equipment selection, and geothermal installation, and serve homeowners throughout Northeast Minnesota & Northwest Wisconsin, including the Twin Cities & Brainerd, MN.

To get started or learn more about the benefits of geothermal, schedule a consultation today, give us a call at 218-231-4436, or message us with any questions, and we’ll be in touch!