How Much Electricity Will a Home Geothermal System Use?

How Much Electricity Will a Home Geothermal System Use?

So you’ve heard a geothermal system is the most efficient way to heat and cool your home. It’s true—going geothermal can save you a bundle on your long-term energy costs.

But just how much do you stand to save? Exactly how much electricity does a geothermal system need to operate? The answer to those questions depends on a couple different variables.

Here’s a brief guide to help you understand how much electricity a geothermal system uses!

Consider Climate and Outdoor Temperatures

The climate where you live plays a major role in determining just how much electricity your geothermal system needs to operate.

That’s because, unlike gas or electric furnaces, geothermal systems don’t create heat; they simply transfer heat energy from one place to another. The pump simply collects heat from the earth, condenses it, and the heat exchanger and blower transfer that heat into the home.

As is true of all heating and cooling equipment, the colder the winter or the hotter the summer will require longer run times and use more electricity. So if you live in an area where winters are very cold, your geothermal system will naturally use more electricity to heat your home.

Don’t be surprised if your winter electricity usage ends up being higher with a geothermal heat pump than it was with a gas furnace! But that is ok because you are not paying for oil or gas—your geothermal system doesn’t require any pricey oil or gas, your overall heating utility bill will be significantly less month over month.

Using Electric for Backup Heat

Most geothermal heat pumps are designed to automatically switch to a setting called AUX heat under certain circumstances. When the heat set point of the air temperature is not met within a given time frame (properly adjusted at installation), the AUX will be called for. One option for backup heating is electric strip heat. Electric strip heat is very costly to run which is why we prefer to use a dual fuel option instead.

How Much Can You Save on Your Electric Bill?

The amount of money you can potentially save on your electric bills really depends on the type of traditional heating and cooling system you’re accustomed to using and how old it is/was.

Both gas and electric furnaces become less efficient as they age, and both of these heating systems use a fair amount of electricity to operate. That’s not true with geothermal. Throughout a geothermal system’s considerable lifespan, it won’t become less efficient, which means it won’t cost you more to operate as it ages.

Similarly, a central air conditioner also uses quite a bit of electricity to keep your home cool. A geothermal system, on the other hand, consumes very little energy during the warmer months to remove heat from your home.

Accounting for the increased energy usage in winter and decreased energy consumption in summer, you’ll reduce your electricity usage by 25%–50%, according to the Department of Energy.

According to the EPA, ground-source heat pumps use up to 72% less energy than standard electric resistance heating.

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