How To Prepare Your HVAC System For Summer
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How To Prepare Your HVAC System For Summer

Summer is the season where proper preventive air conditioner maintenance truly pays off. More often than not, homeowners are unaware about the general condition their HVAC system is in, until it’s too late. This is why scheduling a routine air conditioning maintenance tune-up at least once a year is crucial to ensuring your home stays cool all summer long.

But you don’t have to wait for an HVAC disaster to strike in order for your AC unit to receive the care it needs to perform at its best. You never know what HVAC trouble you could endure from the scorching summer heat or turbulent stormy evenings, but knowing how to adequately prepare your HVAC system for the grueling heat and excessive condensation will help you avoid expensive air conditioning repair or replacement costs. To help keep you as cool and comfortable as possible this summer, let’s take a look at a few at-home, DIY HVAC maintenance services you can perform on your air conditioning unit to ensure you're able to beat the heat.

Examine The Premises

One of the easiest forms of air conditioning maintenance you can perform on your own is to clear out any accumulating debris that is within proximity to your exterior HVAC system. This is a simple precautionary measure to make sure no yard waste, such as leaves, twigs, or shrubbery of any kind has the potential to infiltrate your HVAC system and cause possible internal damage. Even taking a hose for a quick spray-off of your HVAC unit will help clean off any excessive dirt or pollen that can get trapped in your air conditioning system and affect your indoor air quality. You want your HVAC system to be as accessible as possible, in the event that quick and easy access is necessary for immediate AC repair.

Swap Your Filters

Swapping out your dirty air filter for a clean, new one should be one of the first chores on your summer HVAC maintenance to-do list. Your air conditioning unit will be working overtime throughout the summer to keep producing cool and clean air, which means the air filters inside the system will get dirty faster than usual. Dirty air filters can cause a variety of HVAC problems, ranging from clogged filters or drain lines to evaporator coil and fan motor damage, so be sure to nip this task in the bud long before the dog days of summer roll in.

Look Out For Leaks

Inadequate air flow, inefficient temperature control, expensive energy bills; these are all symptoms of possible air leaks throughout your home. If you’re experiencing any of these HVAC complications, you might want to take time to inspect your home for any significant gaps found in or around any window or door frames. Applying caulk to seal any discovered air leaks can certainly do the trick to keep cool air inside and circulating around your home. You should also keep an eye out for any dirty spots accumulating on your ceiling paint or carpet, which can signal air leaks present on your interior walls or ceiling joints.

Accessorize Your Air

Obviously, the more you’re blasting the AC inside, the more work your HVAC system is performing, which can often lead to overuse and malfunctioning. To avoid wearing your air conditioning system down too much in the summer, try utilizing other interior-cooling resources, such as window coverings or sun-blocking shades to deflect heat. Ceiling and standing fans tend to be less expensive resources for cool air, and it might be worthwhile to invest in a smart thermostat, which can automatically regulate and control your indoor air quality, as well as help cut back costs on your utility bills.

Schedule An Air Conditioning Maintenance Tune-Up

While carrying out any of those tasks can alleviate some of the stress of an overworked HVAC system, it’s still essential to schedule an appointment for an AC maintenance tune-up just before that summer temperature starts to rise. At The Comfort Company, we offer professional HVAC contractor services that will help keep your air conditioning system performing at its best, while leaving you as cool as a cucumber. To make sure your AC unit is operating properly, contact us today to schedule an appointment, or give us a call at 218-491-1226 to speak directly with one of our HVAC experts!

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