How to Save Money By Getting Your A/C Ready for Summer
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How to Save Money By Getting Your A/C Ready for Summer

Warmer days are on their way in St. Louis County, and that means now is the perfect time to get your air conditioner prepped and ready to handle the summer heat. The last thing you need when a hot day rolls around is an a/c unit that isn’t working properly, so the earlier you tend to routine a/c maintenance, the better.

While taking great care of your cooling unit will help ensure it works when you need it to, being diligent about air conditioner maintenance can also help you save money on your cooling costs. The better you care for your unit, the more efficiently it will perform long term, and the less energy it will need to run.

What do you need to do to ensure your air conditioner is ready for summer? Read on to find out.

Replace Your A/C Filters

If you haven’t replaced your HVAC filters in the last 90 days, a filter swap should be first on your maintenance list. Ideally, you’ll want to use a high-quality filter with a good MERV rating to boost your HVAC efficiency and improve your indoor air quality.

Clean Your Air Conditioner

Your outdoor air conditioning unit has many working parts, and those parts get dirty in a hurry. The indoor components of your a/c also get caked in dust and grime over time and need a thorough cleaning once per year. To help your unit perform its best, it’s important to ensure all of your air conditioner’s working parts are completely clean and in good functional condition.

If you want to clean your own unit, be aware that the process does take a good amount of time and precision. You’ll want to be sure you clean and inspect all of the following parts:

●        Condensation lines

●        Cooling coils

●        Evaporator coils

●        Drain lines

●        Drain pan

When you’re done cleaning the a/c itself, it’s time to clean and inspect around the indoor unit. If you find any debris collected around the outdoor unit, clean it up, and be sure to trim back grass and weeds as well.

Balance the Outdoor Unit

You’ll want to make sure the outdoor component of your air conditioner is properly balanced to encourage optimal coolant flow. Even a slight degree of tilt can affect the way coolant moves through the lines, which can make your unit less efficient, and, therefore, more expensive to operate.

Schedule an Air Conditioner Assessment and Cleaning

Although you can certainly clean your air conditioner on your own, doing so may not be in your best interest. Why not?

Because it’s exceedingly easy to damage the delicate fins on your outdoor unit. Other components can be easy to harm if you don’t have the right cleaning equipment or experience performing the job. What’s more, if there are any budding problems with the equipment, you may not be able to detect them unless you have experience in HVAC work.

An a/c maintenance specialist, on the other hand, can quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly clean your air conditioner while inspecting both the indoor and outdoor units for potential issues. If any parts need repairs or need to be replaced, a pro can let you know, so you can get your unit properly prepared for summer.

And, if your air conditioner appears to be on its last leg, an HVAC contractor can let you know that, too. That way, you can plan and budget for the replacement unit you’ll inevitably need.

Aside from a/c cleaning, it’s a good idea to inspect your ducts for leaks and implement other indoor heat-busting resources like fans to help keep your summer cooling costs low

Schedule Professional A/C Maintenance Service Near Duluth

If you’re ready to get your air conditioner prepared for summer’s heat, get in touch with our team at The Comfort Company to schedule an a/c maintenance appointment. We specialize in all things HVAC from furnace, boiler, and a/c installation, to full-service maintenance, repair, and unit replacement. Whatever your air conditioner needs to perform optimally, we’ll make sure it’s done!

To get a service estimate or schedule an appointment, give us a call today at 218-231-4436 or request a service appointment online, and we’ll get in touch to get you scheduled.

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