Why Spring Is a Great Time to Replace Your Old Furnace and A/C
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Why Spring Is a Great Time to Replace Your Old Furnace and A/C

There isn’t a furnace or air conditioner that’s designed to last forever, and if either of your units is nearing the end of its recommended lifespan, you may be thinking about replacements.

If you’re a conscientious consumer, you should know that springtime is an excellent time to replace both your furnace and a/c unit. Why’s that? There are several reasons, which you can learn more about below.

Spring Is Tax Refund Season

If you’re like most people, you probably want to purchase something fun or exciting with your tax refund. But, if you need new heating and cooling units, that tax refund can be a blessing as it’ll help cover the cost of new HVAC equipment. Ultimately, you won’t have to dip as deeply into your savings or rearrange your monthly budget to account for that additional expense.

If you’re getting a hefty refund, it may be in your best interest to replace both units at once, so you’ll be ready for winter long before outdoor temperatures start to drop.

Furnaces and A/C Units Tend to Be Cheaper in Spring

When spring rolls around, outdoor temperatures aren’t super cold or super hot, which means it’s a fairly slow time of year for HVAC contractors. Why’s that important?

Because slow seasons mean there’s less consumer demand, which means there’s a greater supply of air conditioners and furnaces on the market. And when the supply is greater than the demand, prices tend to drop.

If you’re looking to get a great deal on a furnace or a/c unit, shop for your new equipment during spring, and you’re likely to find the deal you’re hoping for.

Boost Your Cooling System’s Efficiency in Summer

Older air conditioners and furnaces naturally experience a gradual drop in efficiency. And when temperatures start to creep toward the upper double digits, you want your a/c unit to be as efficient as possible.

A high-efficiency air conditioner won’t just keep your home as cool and comfortable as possible; it’ll also help keep your energy bills reasonable — more reasonable than they would be with the aging unit you currently have.

The same idea applies when you purchase and install a new furnace during the spring. When cool temperatures set in, you’ll be ready to go with a high-efficiency appliance that’ll keep you and your wallet more comfortable throughout winter.

Minimize the Inconvenience of Installation

When it’s already sweltering outside, going without a/c for any length of time can be remarkably uncomfortable. The same holds true in winter when you need to replace an inefficient or non-functional furnace.

When you replace your air conditioner and furnace in spring, outdoor temperatures are actually tolerable, so you won’t sweat buckets or freeze your tush off while the installation takes place.

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